3rd Week Assignment For Class 6, 7, 8 & 9

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Due to the global epidemic Covid-19, all educational institutions in Bangladesh were shut down in March 2020. Which is still going on. As a result, the education system in Bangladesh is on the verge of destruction.Although the Bangladesh government wants to open educational institutions, the second wave of Corona epidemic has started in Bangladesh.

As a result of being out of school for this long time, the condition of the students is deplorable. So the Bangladesh government has taken various steps to keep the students in touch with their studies, online classes, assignments etc. Assignment is one of the current curriculum of the government. In this website we will answer all school assignments, solutions. Here is the Assignment Syllabus and Assignment Answer For Class Six/6,Class Seven/7,Class Eight/8 and Class Nine/9.

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Assignment Syllabus /Assignment Grid

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Question Paper Of assignment

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Class 6 question

Class 7 question

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Assignment Answer

Our team has worked hard to bring you beautiful and fluent answers to your assignments and solutions. In this way you will get weekly updates of your assignments 2021. You will get answers and solutions every week. You will be able to achieve your desired success by getting the answer of this solution, Assignment 2021. We will give Class 6,7,8and 9Assignment Answer.

Class Six,6 Assignment Answer, Solution 3rd Week

Here is the answer and solution of Class Six/6 assignment Week 3rd. Subject Mathematics And Agriculture studies/Domestic science. Mathematics is a very Important subject and A compulsory subject too.You should answer carefully. And at most of the school of Bangladesh Agriculture Studies/Domestic Science is a 4th subject. Whatever here is The answer

  1. Class Six,6 Assigntment Mathematics (answer)
  2. Class Six,6 Assignment Agriculture studies/Domestic Science (answer)

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Class Seven,7 Assignment Answer,Solution 3rd Week

Here is the assignment answer and Solution of 3rd Week

Subject Mathematics and Agriculture Studies/Domestic Science.

  1. Class Seven,7 Assignment Mathematics (answer)
  2. Class Seven,7 Assignment Agriculture studies/Domestic Science

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Class Eight,8 Assignment Answer,Solution 3rd Week

Due to the Corona epidemic, the JSC examination was not held this time. So the government decided to evaluate them through assignment.In class eight, both mathematics and agricultural education and home science are important subjects. We hope you find the answer you are looking for, and we’re working hard to make it happen.Here is the answer

  1. Class Eight,8 Assignment Mathematics
  2. Class Eight,8Assigntment Agriculture Studies and Domestic Science

Class Nine,9 Assignment Answer and Solution 3rd Week

Class Nine is a very important time in your educational life. You have to take part in the secondary examination ahead, remember that secondary and higher secondary will form the basis of your life. So you must concentrate on your studies without neglecting. I hope you will use this holiday time without getting addicted to phone. Participate in various co-curriculum activities. Here is the answer to your assignment. Don’t forget to submit on time. Best wishes. Here is The answer

  1. Class Nine,9 Assignment Mathematics

Class Nine, 9 Assignment Agriculture Studies/Domestic Science

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