Dhaka university admission test 2021 maybe delayed

Dhaka university admission test may be delayed du.ac.bd

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The admission test for the 2020-21 academic year is scheduled to start from May 21 at Dhaka University. However, the test may be delayed due to the ongoing corona virus. The university administration is talking about taking a decision after observing the situation.

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Admission test of Dhaka University may be delayed

According to the information, the admission battle will start on May 21 through the admission test of ‘A’ unit. Admission test of ‘B’ unit will be held on 22nd May. The admission war in DU will end on May 26 and 27 with the admission test of ‘C’ and ‘D’ units and on June 5 with the admission test of ‘C’ unit.

Read More: Dhaka University IBA Admission Circular

According to DU sources, it will not be possible to start the admission test from May 21 if the rate at which people are dying in the country continues. Because there is a safety issue for the teachers as well as the admissions. As a result, it is not possible to conduct tests until the situation returns to normal.


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If you want to know in this context, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies (Acting) Professor. Muhammad Abdul Moin said, there is still one month left for the examination. The matter has not yet been discussed in the Deans Committee. However, the decision will be taken considering the safety of the students. If the situation is not normal, the test may be delayed. However, we are completing all the preparations for the exam.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Md. Hasanuzzaman said, “With one month left in the exam, we are not thinking about it now.” However, if this is the case, the Academic Council will consider the matter. We are monitoring the situation. Under no circumstances will students be put at risk.

If you want to know about the overall Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Md. Akhtaruzzaman said it would not be right to say anything in advance about whether the exam will pass or not. We do everything in a scientific way. As a result, a scientific solution can be found by looking at the direction of the situation

Incidentally, the admission application in DU ended on April 2. This time 1 lakh 23 thousand 608 people have applied in ‘A’ unit, 46 thousand 982 people in ‘B’ unit, 26 thousand 758 people in ‘C’ unit, 1 lakh 21 thousand 538 people in ‘D’ unit and 22 thousand 751 people in ‘C’ unit. Applied.

The distribution of marks in the examination is as follows: In the admission test of ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ units, MCQ of 60 marks and written test of 40 marks will be taken. Students will have 45 minutes for both parts. MCQ of 40 marks and written test of 80 marks will be taken in the examination of ‘C’ unit. Unit ‘C’ is scheduled for 30 minutes for MCQ test and 60 minutes for written test.

Number of seats: From the academic year 2020-21, a new department called Meteorology is going to be introduced in Dhaka University. The number of seats is 15. As a result, the total number of seats has increased to 6,133. There are 1610 seats in A-unit, 237 seats in B-unit, 1250 seats in C-unit, 1560 seats in D-unit and 135 seats in Cha-unit.

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